30 seconds to wholeness!

Originally created by a professional tattoo artist who also lost her breasts.  We know that no two nipples are the same, so we have something for everyone!  
Printed on a semi-transparent background, our colors will work well with a variety of skin tones.
Check back often for new styles...
Losing Your Breasts
Is one of the most challenging life events to endure.  Survivors must seperate the mind-body-spirit connection that women work so hard to develop.
We designed the perfect product to help to reconnect with a changed body, beautiful in it's simplicity!  Wear for a week or longer, they endure 3 showers, or more with light cleaning and powder. 
Imagine, 30 Seconds to Wholeness!
All Ingredients are FDA approved and safe for use during and after treatment and therapy.


If you have an excellent pre-surgery photo of you nipple/areola complex, our design team can recreate the illusion of your very own nipples.  OR, we can create a brand new design to your specifications.

A lifelong supply of your very own NAC is $1500USD