All ingredients are FDA approved and we have been assured that they are completely non-toxic and safe for use post-cancer and during treatments.

We understand that you want to be smart about what you put in and on your body after cancer, which is why we have completely refused to use cheap manufacturers.

But how safe ARE they?

Obviously, anyone can have allergies to anything, and we usually don't find that out until we try something new!

Adhesive allergies commonly develop after cancer surgeries. The body often becomes immuno-compromised and less tolerant of glues and chemicals usually found in medical tapes used to hold bandaging. Once an adhesive allergy is formed, the survivor can expect to always have sensitivites to those types of ingredients. We recommend that you keep a close eye out for localized redness, heat and swelling. These are all little red flags that let us know our body is unhappy. Don't let it get worse, remove the nippleback and consider further testing with your doctor if the reaction frightens you.

That being said, we've only had ONE buyer message us to warn us that this happened to her. Upon further investigation into the issue, it seemed as though is was an underlying issue that wasn't unique to the temporary tattoo itself. There is always a risk and we always advise buyers to play safe!

How do you remove them?

While most users simply rub them off after the shower after they are a few days old, you can take them off sooner by applying a little coconut oil or standard makeup remover.

How long to they last?

We have a buyer who gets 30 days of wear out of one pair!

Expect your NIPPLEBACKS to last about a week. You can shower with them on, and they will even tolerate a little gentle cleanse. Please refer to the instructions blog to learn how you can get the most out of each pair!

How do I know if they're right for ME?

Just buy some and try them on! If you've lost your nipples FOR ANY REASON, we recommend them. Just seeing yourself with nipples on your body again may be a complete gamechanger for you. It was for me. So why not? We think you deserve to feel great about your body at any cost. A different visual perspective may be the thing that changes everything for you and sets you free to start the next chapter of your life with excitement!

We sell them in small quantities to keep prices low so anyone can afford them.

We keep it interesting by changing up the styles all the time. So if you find a style you love and it looks great on you, stock up! If you have a style you don't love on you, pay it forward by giving the rest away to another survivor and make a new friend.

Follow us on Instagram and if you take a before and after selfie that we can share, PM it to us for a chance to win more NIPPLEBACKS!!


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