Since this humble little company was created by a traditional tattoo artist, of course the designs were created just like a traditional tattoo!

Every tattoo shop has the good ol' walls of flash, which are pre-drawn tattoo designs. Before custom tattoos were common, flash sheets came with their own sheet of line-drawings, which could be copied to a desired size and then turned into a stencil to place on the body.

Pre-drawn tattoos have been a studio staple for a long time, but this approach was never taken with restorative tattoos until A.R.T. was founded, starting with a few nipple drawings in 2009 that later became NIPPLEBACKS.

The first NIPPLEBACKS flash sheet was entered in the flash contest at the 2014 NTA National Tattoo Association Convention in Los Angeles, and got alot of attention!

Now, NIPPLEBACKS flash sheets are available to all tattooists who do this work, they are a great way for a survivor to compare the different shadows and textures that they may remember from their own nipples. The perfect conversation starter to make sure the survivor has fun with the process and feels empowered to choose her new look.

Contrast Built to Last

When contrast is over-exaggerated, we know it is strong enough to stand out on almost any skin type. Understand that the white background is rarely, if ever, representative of what we might see in real life. Try on a few different styles to see what actually works on YOU! Never judge a nipple by the drawing, because being on the body will change everything!

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